Maths for Accountants – Study Manual

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Maths for Accountants
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Association of Accounting Technicians

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Maths for Accountants
So you’ve decided you’d like to work in accountancy – good choice. Every business will benefit from the services of an accountant. But is your maths up to the standard required?

Well, in fact, you won’t need any more mathematical skills than those you learnt at school. We can’t truthfully say that maths isn’t required in accountancy, but we can say that the standard required is not above that required in your exams when you were 16 (or there about). If you have GCSE maths then that is all you will need.

“But I haven’t done much maths since I left school”, I hear you say. “And even then I wasn’t much good at it”. So that’s where this book fits into your studies. We will take you through all the mathematics required to complete most accountancy courses. Each topic will be presented from the very basic to the more complex
– but remember complex doesn’t mean complicated. The topics will relate directly to the areas of accountancy you are likely to study and each step will be fully explained with true-to-life situations and scenarios.
You can use this book in two ways. Firstly you can go through each chapter one by one. If you are taking a course in mathematics for accountants you will need to do this one chapter after another. Alternatively you can use it as reference material where you can learn the skills as and when you need them in your accountancy studies and career.

The book goes from the very basic to the more complex. You may already feel confident in some areas but be sure to read each chapter for tips and methods you may not have previously thought of.

However you use this book, we hope you will gain the mathematical skills to excel in your career.

The Association of Accounting Technicians
The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) works across the globe with around 140,000 members in more than 90 countries. Members are represented at every level of the finance
and accounting world, including students, people working in accountancy and self-employed business owners. The AAT qualification has been designed to provide you with a professional accounting qualification. You can register as a student with the AAT at

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